Natural Gas Pipeline Information

Notice of Withdrawal - 5/23/2016

Pipeline Impact Task Force Agendas & Minutes

Northeast Energy Direct Project updated map - 9/16/2015

TGP Removes Hollis Pipeline Route, see page 35 - 12/8/2014

TGP announces postponement of scheduled open houses - 11/6/2014

NED Project Letter to FERC - 11/6/2014

NED draft Resource Report 1 - November 2014 (3M pdf)

NED draft Resource Report 10 - November 2014 (11M pdf)

Unofficial map and parcel listings generated by NRPC and North Middlesex Council of Governments - 11/3/2014
        Map of parcels along proposed pipeline - 4M pdf
        List of parcels intersected by pipeline
        List of parcels within 200 feet of pipeline
        List of parcels within quarter mile of pipeline

Letter from Board of Selectmen to Tennessee Gas Pipeline - 11/3/2014

Letters from Board of Selectmen regarding Pipeline project to: NHDES and USDA-NRCS - 10/27/2014
TGP Public Open Houses have been postponed (11/6/2014)
TGP joint letter from Senator Shaheen, Senator Ayotte and Congresswoman Kuster - 10/6/2014

TGP Selectmen's Resolution - 9/22/2014

Special Town Meeting presentation - 9/20/2014

Town Created GIS maps with approximate location of proposed pipeline derived from information submitted by Kinder Morgan
- 9/19/2014:
            Land Ownership Map
(4M pdf)
            Aquifer Map
(7M pdf)

Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline Hollis Route Map submitted to FERC - 9/16/2014
Kinder Morgan email about request to implement pre-filling process with FERC - 9/16/2014
        attachments:  Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Energy Direct Project Fact Sheet

                               Request letter to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to Use Pre-filing Procedures
Selectmen's Meeting Minutes pipeline discussion - 8/11/2014

Video of Public Hearing on alternative pipeline routes - 7/14/2014
Minutes from Public Hearing on alternative pipeline routes - 7/14/2014

Selectmen's Meeting Minutes Beaver Brook alternative pipeline routes - 7/7/2014

New Hampshire's Draft State Energy Strategy

Beaver Brook map showing proposed alternative routes - 7/7/2014

Beaver Brook alternative pipeline routes presentation - 7/7/2014

Selectmen's Meeting Minutes NH Site Evaluation Committee Presentation - 6/23/2014
NH Site Evaluation Committee Presentation - 6/23/2014
Attorney letter requesting maps and property list - 6/17/2014
Kinder Morgan letter in response to Town's request for property list - 6/9/2014
Attorney letter requesting property list - 5/30/2014

Selectmen's Meeting Minutes Pipeline Discussion - 5/12/2014

Letter requesting current proposed pipeline route and list of potentially impacted properties - 5/8/2014

Kinder Morgan Thank You Letters - 4/28/2014

Video of Informational Gas Pipeline Meeting with Kinder Morgan - 4/21/2014
                    Video of Introductions for meeting - 4/21/2014
                    Minutes from Informational Meeting with Kinder Morgan - 4/21/2014
PowerPoint presentation from Kinder Morgan including preliminary maps - 4/21/2014

Minutes of Selectmen's informational meeting - 4/14/2014

Packet of information received by town from Tennessee Gas Pipeline - February & March 2014

Contact Information:
        Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline
                Allen Fore, Director, Public Affairs, 630-725-3044, email
                Rick Charbonnier, Public Affairs Consultant, 508-328-9840, email
                Stephen Martin, The NLS Group, 603-566-9207, email
        Town of Hollis
                Troy Brown, Town Administrator 465-2209 ext 103, email