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The Assessing Office is responsible for a variety of duties, including:

·            Valuing all property in the Town of Hollis;

·            Defending the assessed values at the Board of Land and Tax Appeals (BTLA) and Superior Court;

·            Updating and maintaining Property Record Cards;

·            Annual update and maintenance of Town Tax Maps;

·            Current Use program administration, per RSA 79-A;

·            Property Tax Credit and Exemption administration;

·            Timber and Gravel Taxes (Yield Tax) administration;

·            Assisting Property Owners and the Public in all matters relating to the above items;

·            Providing reports to Property Owners, the Public, and Town Boards and Committees;

·            Public relations for the Assessing Office.



Online Assessment Information and Tax Maps

Vision Government Solutions Inc. hosts our online Property Assessment database. The database is searchable by Map - Lot (Block) - Sublot (Lot). There is no fee or registration required. You may access the database at:


If the link does not bring you directly to the Hollis database, you may also try the main database page at: - click on the state, then the Town, to view the database.


The Town of Hollis has partnered with the Nashua Regional Planning Commission to provide mapping online. Please visit their website at for the online maps. At this time, property boundaries are shown, in addition to other information.


The official Hollis Tax Maps are now available online. Please click here Hollis Tax Maps to view the main page.


Property Deeds & Subdivision Plans

Property deeds, easements, surveys and subdivision plans may be obtained from the Hillsborough County Registry of Deeds (HCRD).  Should you require a copy of any recorded document, please visit the HCRD’s Copy Room at 19 Temple Street, Nashua NH. They are open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 3.45 pm, excluding Federal and State holidays. The building is the Old County Courthouse near the intersection of Temple and Spring Streets. Please call them at (603) 882-6933 for changes in hours or fee schedule. You may also visit their website at for further information.


Hollis Property Tax and Equalization (Sales Ratio) Rates

In October of every year, Hollis’ tax rate is set, in conjunction with the NH Dept. of Revenue Administration (DRA).


The Equalization (EQ) Rate is usually set after the 1st of the year. For example, the 2016 EQ Rate would be established after January 1, 2017.  The EQ rates are determined by the DRA, based on qualifying sales in the 12 month period beginning October 1st and ending September 30th annually.


For Previous Years, the Property Tax Rate and Equalization Rate were, as follows:


Year                 Tax Rate             EQ Rate                           

2002               $17.87                97.6%

2003               $18.16                90.6% Update Year

2004                $18.57                83.3%

2005               $21.00                77.2%

2006               $22.84                75.6%

2007               $23.38                77.2%

2008               $20.95                92.6% Update Year

2009               $20.74                100.0%

2010                $21.47                102.8%

2011               $20.91                105.7%

2012                $21.23                103.9%

2013                $22.82                97.6% Update Year

2014                $23.13                98.6%

2015                $23.02                93.7%

2016                $23.43                90.0%

2017                $23.15                TBD


Property Assessment Updates

In accordance with State Law, the Town of Hollis must perform an update of values for the entire Town at least once every 5 years. The next required update will occur in 2018. Please check the Assessing pages in January 2018 for further information.




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