Hollis Conservation Commission

Map of Protected Lands in Hollis - 3m pdf

Environmental Map of Hollis - 4.5m pdf

Wildlife Habitat maps - Land Cover - Ecological Condition

HCC Land Conservation Fund and Future Plans - This pdf details the activity of the HCC over the years 1998-2009.

Monson Center Information - see also the NH Forest Society information

REGULAR MEETING:  1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Town Hall Community Room.

Applicants to the Conservation Commission:

Please note that any individual(s) wishing to appear in front of the Conservation Commission must contact Conservation Commission staff for inclusion on the agenda at least 2 weeks prior to any meeting. Any plans, permits or other documentation for consideration must be presented to staff at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting. The Conservation Commission thanks you for your cooperation.


Conservation Commission staff, Connie Cain, may be reached at (603) 465-2209 ext. 105


Tom Dufresne, Chairman 465-2361
LeeAnn Wolff, Vice Chairman  
Thomas Davies, Treasurer  
Jonathan Bruneau, Secretary  
Dave Connor  
Cathy Hoffman  
Mark Post  
Karen Bridgeo, Alternate  
Laura Bianco, Alternate  
Cheryl Quaine, Alternate  
Joe Connelly, Alternate  
Paul Edmunds, Alternate  
Peter Band, BOS Representative  
Connie Cain, Staff 465-2209 x105









PURPOSE AND GOALS: The Hollis Conservation Commission exists to conserve the natural resources and rural character of Hollis, with special emphasis on agricultural and forest resources, aquifers and waterways, greenways and viewscapes.  The Hollis Conservation Commission was established by a vote under Article 12 of the Warrant for the 1964 Annual Town Meeting of the Town of Hollis, pursuant to the provisions of the New Hampshire RSA, Chapter 36-A.

Conservation Commission Minutes

Note:  Any minutes that are not posted on this site can be obtained in person at Town Hall or by email email