Police Employment

 The Hollis Police Department will announce police officer openings as they become available. These notices are posted on our website and in various job classified ads.

Listed below are the steps in our selection process:

 1. Written Test

2. Physical Agility Test

3. Oral Boards

4. Video Testing

5. Executive Interview

6. Comprehensive Background Investigation

7. Polygraph Examination

8. Psychological Examination

9. Medical Examination



Hiring processes are open to both certified and non-certified candidates. We only accept applications for posted positions. The physical agility standards can be found by following the link at the top of the page. The Polygraph, Psychological and Medical Examinations will only be given after a Conditional Offer of Employment.









Email inquiries can be sent here


For information regarding the Police Officer certification process in New Hampshire, please review New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council's Frequently Asked Questions.

Physical Fitness Standards

Tattoo Policy

  The Hollis Police Department does have a tattoo policy, which is listed below. This policy applies to all potential new hires and there is no waiver.

H.        Tattoos

1. Tattoos/branding/intentional scarring must be covered by the authorized uniform issued by the Hollis Police Department or approved on-duty plainclothes.

2. Any tattoos/branding/intentional scarring on the face, head, neck, hands, exposed arms and exposed legs are prohibited. Exposed arms is defined as visible below the sleeve length of the uniform summer shirt or visible below the sleeve length of a summer shirt worn by plainclothes employees and non-sworn employees.

3. The concealing of tattoos/branding/intentional scarring through the use of Band-Aids, bandages or other such coverings shall not be allowed.

4. An exception is made for any current employee having an existing visible tattoo prior to the effective date, provided such tattoos/branding/intentional scarring is acceptable. Acceptable is defined as not morally objectionable, racially oriented or sexually explicit as determined by the police chief.
All employees who fall under the exception will be required to provide photographic documentation of all existing visible tattoos/branding/intentional scarring. If employees granted an exception have any additional visible tattoos/branding/intentional scarring added, they will then fall under all the requirements of this chapter. All employees granted an exception will be required to cover all their tattoos/branding/intentional scarring while engaged in courtroom testimony. The police chief reserves the right to dictate other circumstances when employees covered under this exception will be required to cover their tattoos/branding/intentional scarring.

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