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President: Donna Wardlow  P:  673-6415                        Email: donnamlfrd@yahoo.com

Vice President: Marion Keith  P:  465-2713                     Email: mek3562@yahoo.com

Secretary: Bob Fiero  P: 966-0709                                  Email: havoc5522@gmail.com

Treasurer: Nancy Bell  P:  465-7822                               Email: nancybell68@gmail.com

Editor/Photographer: Andy Seremeth  P: 880-8685         Email: Aseremeth@aol.com

Programs:  Sheryl Ryder  P: 465-2706                            Email: Sryder2706@aol.com


Hollis Seniors meet every Thursday at the Lawrence Barn Community Center.  Gathering starts at 11 AM and Meals on Wheels is usually brought in at noon.  A program usually follows the meal or members stay and socialize, playing games of their choice. 

Hollis Seniors web site: www.Hollisseniors.org

Email group: Hollis-seniors@googlegroups.com


June 2017


To start, we would like to offer a big round of thanks to Josh Roby for all the years (more than 10 years) that he has hosted our Hollis Senior website.  Along with maintaining the website, Josh also posted our monthly newsletter and photos.  Josh:  Thank you!


Our website, along with the newsletter and photos will now be maintained by the Town of Hollis.  As soon as our website gets moved from Josh to the town, we will notify all our members.  So, stand by.


As part of this move, we will be sending out the newsletters via email as a pdf  (portable document file) attachment.  I am going to make the assumption that most of you that surf the Internet probably already have Adobe’s pdf format loaded on your computers.  We will see after this newsletter gets sent as to how many of you cannot open the attachement.


We started the month with a presentation by Anita McGrory of Beltone Hearing Inc.  Anita described all the latest models and styles of hearing aids that support our ability to “hear better” along with Beltone supplying our lunch. The technological advancements in hearing aids are simply outstanding.  Thank you Anita and Beltone! Anita can be reached at 603-521-6412 right here in Nashua.


Also during this month we had another, much asked for, potluck dessert lunch.  The desserts ranged from strawberry cake to cookies to ice cream to… you name it.  What a sweet time for all.


I am happy to say that we are still having our Chair-Yoga every Thursday starting at 10:15.  Jennifer Jean, who is a certified Yoga Instructor, leads our classes.  So come a little early and enjoy these various relaxation techniques that are good for the body and good for the mind.


Business meeting highlights:

-       Past meeting minutes were read and accepted.

-       Treasurer’s report was read and accepted. 

Old Business:

-       We still need to hold a membership drive.  A chairperson is needed.  Any volunteers? 

New Business: 

a.     It is firm that we will hold our 2017 Christmas party at the Alpine Grove restaurant in Hollis.  More information will be posted this coming fall.

b.     Our summer picnic will be here at the Barn.


Activities for the Month of June:

-       1 Jun:  Picnic here at the barn  

-       8 Jun:  Presentation by our Hollis Animal Control Officer.    

-       15 Jun:  Show what is in your attic.  Bring your old dusty items that still have value to this session, as volunteers from the Hollis Historical Society will be here to accept your donation.  The society will use your donation for their summer yard sale, with proceeds going to support the Ruth Wheeler House.  This is a great chance to donate some of those “old” items that are just taking up space in your attic.

-       22 Jun:  Andy and Loretta Seremeth will present a short “travel log” on their trip to the Netherlands and Belgium.

-       22 Jun:  Order your box lunch for 29 June.  The cost is $2.00.  What a deal!

-       29 Jun:  4th of July celebration and your box lunch and other activities along with birthday cake and ice cream.


June birthdays: June Madeira, Noreen Morley, Don Ryder, and Sharon Shay.

July birthdays:  Pam Arpin, Janet Defeo, Dorothy Harnish, Susan Laurenson, Basil Mason, Sheryl Ryder, Janice Shedd, and Pat Walsh.

August birthdays:  Florence Baker, Clarke Davis, Ken Labaugh, Jacqueline Marden, Mary Mellgard, Jane Nichols, Richard Nichols, Cheryl Pierkarski, and Virginia Wilkins.


We have 3 months of birthdays listed, as there may not be a July and August newsletter.


If we forgot someone, it is because we do not have your birth month for our database.  Please see Bob Fiero to update your information and renew your membership.


Future activities:


There will be NO meals on wheel during the months of June, July and August.

6 July:  There will be NO meeting.  Stay tune for additional information

13 July:  A tour of Hannaford’s and then lunch at Denny’s

20 July:  Citizen’s bank will present information on trusts and bank services.

Watch your email for additional events.



1.     We have a business meeting the last Thursday of every month (except Thanksgiving).  Be sure to attend. 

2.     The SVTC bus service has gotten better.  If you have any questions, call Nashua transportation at 880-0100 Ext 1.  And you can visit the SVTC web site at www.SouheganRides.org.  And if you have not registered with the “blue bus”, please do so by calling the above number.

3.     Senior notification.  The Hollis communication center has a procedure in place by which seniors can be registered for Health and Welfare phone calls.  Forms to register for this service are available from the Communications Center.

4.     For members that have Charter Cable service, the Hollis Public Service Channel is Channel 191.  For those with TDS, it is Channel 12. When there is “bad” weather, please check the appropriate channels for school closings and/or delays, which will mean there will be no seniors meeting.


Please let me know if you have suggestions for activities you are interested in for the group.