Site of Saunders Mill

Mill Stream Millstone


Nearby on Town Right of Way Old Stone Bridge



Basic text is from the DAR History of Hollis Homes, edited by Deborah E. Lovejoy 1953 with accompanying map (Cudworth).  Codes used are initials of editors from this book and from 1999-2000 update editors.  See bibliography for full information.


The DAR book speaks of the Saunders Mill in the text regarding 183 Federal Hill Road (see 035-025) as follows:


To quote Emma Van Dyke's notes: "The Bailey Homestead was first occupied by Moses Saunders, who was scared away by the Indians.  The next owner was Daniel Bayley 1st, who took possession in 1759.  He lived at first in the log house built by Saunders, which stood a little east of the present dwelling house, but probably before 1770 he built the first frame house, southeast of the present building and near the present highway.  He also repaired the sawmill which was situated on Bailey Brook a little north of the present highway and carried on an extensive milling and farming business.  He died in 1798 and his son Daniel Bailey 2nd, came into possession of the place.  He built the present house in 1817.  (Bertha Hayden says it was built in 1804.  It is one of the fine old houses with hand carved mantel and wainscot in the parlor).  The old barn stood on the south side of the road.  Later the new barn was built between the old barn and the present highway.  He also put up a new sawmill, some forty rods north of the dwelling house, which is now in ruins.  He died at the age of 91 in 1847.  Daniel Bailey 3rd, having also died after having spent his days at this homestead, Daniel Bailey 4th became the next owner and lived here until his death in 1889.  In 1892 Charles Stimson bought the place and lived upon it until 1903, when it was purchased by Adaline V. Rideout.  During her ownership the barn was moved across the road and is now connected by sheds with the house.  At Miss Rideout's death in 1913, George Stimpson came into possession of the place."


(Mills in Hollis ­ Many on public property:

Saunders Mill is on private property. Other Mills are on Public Property and may be visited.  On various tributaries of the same stream running from the swampy area to the South of Federal Hill and Plain Road through to Mill Pond and Mill Road and beyond, emerging as Witches Spring Brook on Silver Lake Road near Hayden Road there were four mills in this general location the sites of which can still be found: Saunders, Bailey’s, Hayden’s and Shedd’s. Bailey Mill, to the NW is under the protection of the Hollis Heritage Commission and will have markings and a trail. Shedd Mill is also under easement protection.  Small wells along the trails are open and caution is advised. Hayden Mill can be seen from the road.

Many other mills existed, as well, among them were Worcester Brothers, given to the Town, [south of Rocky Pond], Price[off S. Merrimack Rd.], French’s [French Mill Road], Proctor’s [West Hollis St.], and one at the foot of Silver Lake. ese 2001)