DAR# 63A
Crystalbrook Estates

Basic text is from the DAR History of Hollis Homes, edited by Deborah E. Lovejoy 1953 with accompanying map (Cudworth). Codes used are initials of editors from this book and from 1999-2000 update editors. See bibliography for full information.

Crystalbrook Estates Subdivision - access road from Hayden Road - being developed 2000 encompasses what may be a Native American Indian Site. According to Gary Hume, State Archeologist, the sandy soil, location near water and on heights are three factors which would have made it a likely N A Indian site. Accordingly, the developer has granted the Town easements for further archeological study on the open land within the development including an early cellar hole at the corner of Old Road and 122, the Shedd Mill site, and the two old roads. See the notes on file with the Hollis Heritage Commission and the Planning Board regarding these easements and protected status. (ese2000)

- See B.H.No.53 and 041-062 history. DAR No. 63A