Stefanowicz Farm Agricultural Lease Request for Proposals

PURPOSE AND GOALS: The Town of Hollis is requesting proposals for leasing town owned property (“The Stefanowicz Farm”) for long-term agricultural use. The primary purpose of the lease is to protect the agricultural soils, agricultural viability, and agricultural productivity of the property and to maintain woodlands and open spaces using visually unobtrusive and environmentally sound development, while preserving and maintaining Hollis' rural character.

Due to the Covid-19 situation we have modified the following dates for this RFP: 

  • The public site visit originally scheduled for April 9th is now on May 14th
  • The public information session originally scheduled for April 9th is now June 11th
  • The deadline for questions originally scheduled for May 14th is now June 11th
  • The deadline for proposals originally scheduled for June 5th is now July 2nd

Bidders will still be notified on September 23rd with the Select Board’s decision.

A description of the property, proposal process and guidelines are in the full RFP packet here

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