Department Mission

Hollis Police Badge

We are a dedicated and trustworthy family of law enforcement professionals who pride ourselves on being approachable, and we are devoted to strengthening our safe and thriving community.

Members of the Hollis Police Department are charged with the mission of:

  • Creating and maintaining meaningful and positive relationships with the community.
  • The protection of life and property.
  • Preserving the peace.
  • Preventing Crime.
  • Detecting and arresting violators of the law.
  • Enforcing all laws coming within the department's jurisdiction.
  • Responding to all public emergencies.

Members of the Hollis Police Department, as public officers, are committed to treat all persons with whom we come in contact with respect and dignity. We believe it is our duty to conduct ourselves with truth and honesty at all times. We will be vigilant and courageous in our pursuit of justice, will preserve and defend the constitution, and will enforce all laws with impartiality and compassion.  Moreover, each member of the Hollis Police Department will always remain true to the tenets of the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, and the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor.

Hollis Police Officers will serve all citizens with pride and commitment, and attempt to mirror that nobility in our personal lives. If you wish to recognize one of our employees, please review our Citizen's Guide to the Hollis Police Department's Commendation/Complaint Procedures.