Strategic Plan (2020 - 2025)

A Road Map for the Future


Strategic Plan Brochure

The Hollis Police Department will always strive to provide the best police service to the Hollis community. Currently the Hollis Police Department is at the forefront in the State of New Hampshire in providing forward-thinking police practices, both as outlined in the White House’s Guide to 21st Century Policing, and also as pioneered by the Hollis Police Department. Initiatives such as Coffee with a Cop, Police Trading Cards, Vacant House Checks, Juvenile Diversion Programs, food drives, community shred days, facility tours, and other community-based outreach efforts demonstrate that HPD will not only adopt established best practices, but that we will also actively pioneer new ones as we find innovative and better ways to serve our community.

In recent years, the police department has embraced social media, effectively using it to bring information to, and solicit information from, the community.   The department has taken steps to ensure transparency and accountability by following a rigorous complaint investigation policy, and by having public-facing General Orders (policies and procedures).

While the members of the police department are proud of our accomplishments, there is always more work to do, and some of that work has been identified through this strategic planning process. Most of the goals identified and presented are a direct result of the strategic planning process and the efforts of the Committee, although there were some goals that have been part of our annual department goals and objectives.  As you can see, each goal has Goal Champions, who have primary responsibility for each goal, including the detailed performance measures and specified time frame (if applicable).

The police department’s strategic plan is a written statement reflecting a department-wide commitment to community-policing and a plan that matches operational needs to available resources and expertise. This written statement serves as the transparent vision and direction of policing to aid in decision-making processes that play an intricate role with the Town government and the community in general. The community is a full partner in the mechanisms used to control and mitigate crime and social disorder problems and police operations with the public. Therefore, this plan provides your police department with a framework from which we can make sound decisions and prepare our budget accordingly. The plan will act as a blueprint enabling us to meet the challenges of today, tomorrow, and the foreseeable future.

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