Commendation / Complaint Form

The Commendation Process

The Hollis Police Department maintains a standing Citations and Awards Committee to review nominations for citations, awards and commendations. Employees and/or members of the community that wish to recognize an officer may do so utilizing the department's Complaint/Commendation form. These forms can be downloaded from the department's web site, picked up in the lobby of the police station, town hall, or by contacting the Office of the Chief of Police.

Formal Levels of Commendation

A supervisory or other departmental member may recommend a formal commendation of any Department employee by completing a written report detailing the reasons for the recommendation.

The levels of formal commendation are as follows in order of ascending significance:

a. Citizen Letters of Praise or Thanks. Letters from citizens or other outside organizations or sources shall fall into this category. This does not prohibit circumstances or incident that initiated the letter from being elevated to a higher level of award or commendation.

b. Command Letter of Recognition. This level of recognition is appropriate in cases where the member has demonstrated above average initiative or ability in a manner that produced substantial results or reflected significantly on the Department.

c. Chief's Letter of Commendation. This form of recognition is appropriate in cases where the Department employee has demonstrated unusual intelligence and ability so as to significantly contribute to the Department's overall goals and objectives or to the safety of the community at large.

d. Any Department award as prescribed in the "Awards Program".

Specific Conduct for Types of Awards

The following outlines the specific conduct which is required for the awarding of any of the medals, bars or letters of commendation.

1. Medal of Honor

The highest award the Department will give and will be awarded to officers who, in total disregard for their personal safety, perform an act or acts of outstanding courage while in an actual confrontation with an armed and/or dangerous adversary.

2. Medal of Valor (Medal of Bravery)

Awarded to officers who effect or attempt to effect the arrest of any person who has used or attempted to use a deadly weapon to commit a crime or to resist arrest and placed the officer in danger of his personal safety.

3. Medal for Being Wounded in Service (Purple Heart)

Awarded to officers who have been wounded or received serious bodily injury as a direct result of their required duty by means which could inflict serious bodily injury or death.

4. Medals for Lifesaving with Valor

Awarded to officers or civilian employee who, with total disregard for their personal safety, save or attempt to save the life of another.

5. Commendation Bar for Lifesaving

Awarded to officers or civilian employees who have saved or attempted to save the life of another.

6. Commendation Bar for Meritorious Service

Awarded to officers for an act of intelligent and valuable police service which demonstrates a special faithfulness or perseverance toward effecting a most important arrest.

7. Commendation Bar for Distinguished Unit Action

Awarded to officers for outstanding service which resulted from teamwork as a unit rather than an individual effort.

8. Commendation Bar for Chief's Achievement Award

a. Consistent outstanding enforcement or other police activity;

b. Outstanding Community Service/Policing project;

c. Completion of a complex assignment or project which brings credit to the department.

9.  Good Conduct Award

Awarded to employees with consistent duty performance that must include all of the following:

a. Above average Annual Performance Evaluations for three years;

b. No formal discipline during the same three year period;

c. Performance of at least one task per year over in addition to assigned duties.