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2022 Press Releases

September 6, 2022: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Impaired Driving Enforcement Patrols Net Three Arrests over the Labor Day Holiday Weekend

August 17, 2022: Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash - Silver Lake Road near Truell Road
July 26, 2022: Arrest of Murilo Henrique Goncalves Ramos (age 26) of Huntington, NY for Aggravated DUI, Disobeying an Officer, and Reckless Conduct

July 13, 2022: Arrest of Amber Steeves (age 29) of Nashua, NH for Criminal Thretening, Disorderly Conduct, and Violation of a Protective Order, and David Labelle (age 69) of Nashua, NH, for Criminal Tresppass and Resisting Arrest

July 12, 2022: Arrest of Stefanie Nevin (age 39), of Manchester, NH for an Active Arrest Warrant Issued by Manchester PD/Possession of a Controlled Drug, Felon in Possession of a Firearm

June 29, 2022: Arrest of Jacob Sacks (age 20), of Hollis, NH for Facilitating an Underage Drinking Party

June 19, 2022: Hollis PD Requests the Public's Assistance in Identifying an Individual for Criminal Threatening with a Firearm

June 2, 2022: Arrest of Florence Murphy (age 77) of Hollis, NH and David Retter (age 36) of Hollis, NH for Driving Under the Influence (two separate incidents)

May 3, 2022: Arrest of Issac Acord (age 18) of Nashua, NH for Endangering the Welfare of a Minor

April 29, 2022: Arrest Lanny Holland (age 55) of Hollis, NH for Driving Under the Influence

April 23, 2022: Arrest of Alyiah Brown (age 18) of Nashua, NH for Endangering the Welfare of a Minor, Operating w/o a Valid License, Speeding, and Child Restraints Required

April 15, 2022: Hollis Police Department Receives $1,000.00 Contribution from Walmart Giving

April 14, 2022: Arrest of Kyronne Williams (age 36) of Lumverton, CT, for Disobeying an Officer, Criminal Mischief, and Reckless Conduct

April 11, 2022: Arrest of Chiolas Houle (age 47) of Weare, NH, for Identity Fraud (FEL), Credit Card Fraud (MIS), and Theft by Deception (MIS)

April 6, 2022: CALEA Reaccreditation Site-Based Assessment Results

March 11, 2022: Impaired Driving Arrests in March 2022 Show a 500% Increase When Compared to March 2021

March 10, 2022: Arrest of Lisa Dasilva (age 54), of Braintree, MA, for Identify Fraud, Possession of a Controlled Drug (x3), Transportation of a Controlled Drug (x3), Disobeying an officer, and Dealing/Possessing Prescription Drugs

March 9, 2022: Arrest of Lizette Markham (age 48) of Nashua, NH, for Driving While Impaired, Driving After Revocation/Suspension, and Disobeying a Police Officer

March 8, 2022: CALEA Accreditation Team Invites Public Comment on the Hollis Police Department

February 25, 2022: Arrest of Robert Christie (age 23), of Milford, NH and Samuel Stickney (age 22), of Nashua, NH Following Dunkin Donuts Burglary Investigation

February 20, 2022: Commerical Burglary at Dunkin Donuts, Main Street in Hollis, NH

February 16, 2022: WANTED SUBJECT ARRESTED IN HOOKSETT - David Lessard (age 46) - DV Criminal Threatening with a Deadly Weapon; 2 Counts of DV Simple Assault; Felon in Possession of a Deadly Weapon

February 15, 2022: WANTED SUBJECT - David Lessard (age 46) - WANTED for Criminal Threatening with a Dangerpous Wepaon

February 3, 2022: Arrest of Justin Duplessis (age 35), of Nashua, NH for Driving Under the Influence, Criminal Mischeif, and Speeding

January 27, 2022: Arrest of David Petra (age 61) of Manchester NH for Driving Under the Influence and Disorderly Conduct

January 21, 2022: Arrest of Cidarajan Meenakshi Sundaram (age 52) of Nashua, NH for Aggravated Driving Under the Influence (BrAC greater than .16)

January 18, 2022: Motor Vehicle Collision Involving School Bus

January 15, 2022: Arrest of Brandon Allen (29) of Hollis, NH for Driving Under the Influence