Lien and Tax Deeded Property Information

In order to protect its ability to collect all taxes due, the Town must proceed to perfect a lien on any property if all property taxes for the year are not paid.

A legal notice is sent during March via certified mail to the last known owner(s), at the last known post office address, at least 30 days prior to a lien being placed on the property due to nonpayment. (RSA 80:60). 

Liens are placed during April. Interest begins accruing at a rate of 18% per annum, pro-rated on a daily basis. Liens are recorded at the Registry of Deeds and notices are sent to all mortgage holders.

Any property with an unpaid tax lien 2 years after the lien date may be deeded to the Town by the Board of Selectmen.

Please contact the Tax Collector for additional information.