Payment may be made by cash, check, ACH transfer, or credit card. 

Please make checks payable to 'Town of Hollis'. If paying via on-line banking/e-check, please be sure to enter the property Account ID or Map Lot number in the memo field. These can be found in the upper right corner of your tax bill.

Please do not send post-dated checks. Checks received with a future date will be processed the day they are received. Any check returned by the bank is subject to a fee of $25.00.

Payments made via cash or check may be mailed, made in person, or placed in the locked deposit box located to the left of the front doors at Town Hall. The deposit box is checked the morning of each business day. Payments received via mail are considered paid as of the postmark date. Please include the bottom coupon and note your account number on the check to ensure the proper credit. If you would like a paid receipt, please be sure to include the ENTIRE bill along with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Property Taxes Image Online payments may only be made via ACH transfer or credit card. Please click on the red Property Tax button to access the online web portal. Additional processing fees will be incurred using these payment methods. These non-refundable fees are paid directly to the payment processor and are not retained by the Town of Hollis. 

The Hollis Board of Selectmen has authorized the acceptance of prepayments for property tax. Taxpayers shall be allowed to prepay taxes no more than two years in advance of the due date of the taxes. No interest shall accrue to the taxpayer. Prepayments must be estimated based on the current year's tax bill as future tax rates are not known.