Cemetery Trustees


Cemetery Trustees are responsible for the management of the Town's six cemeteries (North, South, East, Churchyard, Pine Hill and Lawrence,) including oversight of general operations and grounds maintenance. More specifically, they establish and uphold policies and procedures as set forth in Cemetery Rules and Regulations which are modified as needed; approve an annual budget and expend monies therefrom, as well as (when necessary) income derived from Trust Funds established when lots or burial spaces are sold; protect the solemn dignity of each cemetery as well as all monuments held within, and plan for future cemetery needs of the Town. Authority for the above is derived from NH RSAs 289 and 290.


One Saturday each month, typically at 9:00am but may vary. From April to September meetings are held at one of the Town's cemeteries; otherwise, in the Upper Town Hall. There is no meeting in December (unless needed.)


There are five Trustees, each of whom serves a three-year term. Trustees are elected by Town ballot on Election Day. The Board of Selectmen has the authority to appoint an eligible resident to fill any vacancy for remainder of a term.


  1. Any interested Hollis resident of legal age is eligible to run for this position.
  2. Cemetery Trustees typically possess an interest in our burial grounds from both a historic as well as a preservationist point of view. It is with that perspective that each Trustee develops a sense of judgment to maintain the rural and sacred quality of each cemetery while compassionately considering the wishes of the departed and grieving family and friends.
  3. The role of Trustee is certainly vital yet decidedly low-key, as elected positions go. Trustees must be able to spend about a couple hours each month on cemetery matters: chiefly at the meeting, but independently at times. In addition to the above minimal qualifications, the good work of the Trustees is enhanced by those who may bring a unique skill or background in business, finance, landscaping, web design, to name a few, and/or knowledge of Hollis history, including its families. Whether or not a potential Trustee has such an area of expertise, it is most important that he or she has an innate appreciation of our cherished common burial grounds and a desire to advocate for their proper appearance and plan for their continued use and reverence by all.