Joint Loss Management Committee

The purpose of the Joint Loss management Committee is to promote safety in the workplace by having management and labor personnel review workplace accident and injury data and identify ways to prevent future accidents and injuries. The committee is composed of equal representatives from management and labor and meets quarterly.

Board Members

Name Title
Mark Le Doux Board of Selectmen Non-Voting Representative
Philip E. St. Cyr Primex Risk Management Consultant

Management Members:


Fire Chief

Police Chief

DPW Director

Laura Klain

Library Director

Transfer Station Foreman

Building Inspector - AFSCME 1801

Labor Members:


Firefighter - AFSCME 3657

Kurt Thompson

Detective - AFSCME 3657

Matt Judge

Communications Specialist - AFSCME 3657

Douglas Benoit

Equipment Operator - AFSCME 1801

Phil Fotos

Building Custodian - AFSCME 1801

Town Hall Alternate