Current Projects

Overview of the HEC's efforts

The Hollis Energy Committee works to reduce energy consumption and costs through active monitoring of each building, identifying inefficiencies, and updating technology.

Current Projects for 2019

  • Review HUES/HPS Solar and efficiency savings from the HSTEP and ongoing efficiency upgrades
  • Work with DPW on LED street lighting upgrade
  • Solar educational project at the HBMS greenhouse
  • Perform Energy Treasure Hunts at some of the Hollis buildings
  • Energy efficiency and solar PV display at Hollis Old Homes Days

Historical Highlights:


  • Eversource is now automatically filling in energy usage and costs on the Portfolio Manager where usage of all municipal buildings is tracked
  • Gave away 48 donated LED light bulbs at Hollis Old Homes days with Solar PV demonstrations and electric cars


  • Hollis Upper Elementary and Primary School 100kW solar PV system are online
  • HEC volunteers installed a small solar panel and batter on the HBHS scoreboard saving the town $9,000 in installation costs and free operating costs for life
  • Gave away 52 donated LED light bulbs at Hollis Old Homes days with Solar PV demonstrations


  • Established the Energy Working Group with the Hollis School Board to propose two 100kW solar PV installations at HUES/HPS


  • Installed renewable Wood Pellet BioMass heating systems at the HPD and Town Hall
  • Explored a central wood chip boiler system servicing many of the municipal buildings


  • Explored heat and hot water, electricity, transportation as areas of further energy savings


  • Lighting Upgrade Project performed on all municipal and school buildings located in Hollis. This effort resulted in saving $63,900/year for Hollis.
  • Electricity Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) resulted in a reduction of electrical cost to the town and school districts by more than $64,000 per year.
  • Investment Grade Building Audits were done in accordance with the ASHRAE Level III standards on seven Town buildings and all five school buildings located in Hollis. These audits were completely funded by $70,000 Federal grant with no local tax impact to Hollis residents.


  • Joined the Nashua Regional Planning Commission (NRPC) in creating a regional power consortium to purchase power from a wholesale energy provider. This saved 2.64 cents/kilowatt-hour ($64,000 annually).


  • Lighting upgraded throughout buildings, including the installation of new ballasts and motion sensors. Expected to save 406,548 kilowatt-hours/year ($64,000 annually).
  • Comprehensive energy audits completed on all buildings offering recommended future projects. Project was 100% funded by more than $70,000 in grants.


  • Energy Audit completed on the Police Station.
  • All town and school buildings were established in the energy management tool Portfolio Manager with data beginning in January 2008.