Department Goals

Hollis Police Department


FY 2020
Joseph R. Hoebeke



The Hollis Police Department will work to maintain National Accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), by conducting and meeting all the requirements of the annual reaccreditation maintenance process.  Moreover, the Hollis Police Department will continue to stay abreast of the changes to the accreditation process during this timeframe.


  • Ensure policy compliance with all applicable accreditation standards.

  • Maintain an effective and efficient system for ensuring that required reports, analyses, reviews, and other activities mandated by applicable accreditation standards are met during the annual accreditation cycle.

  • Ensure department personnel continue to receive training in applicable standards that effect their job assignment.

  • Attend the March 2020 CALEA Conference in Orlando, Florida.

  • Receive additional training and updated information to prepare for our upcoming annual CALEA compliance review, which will be conducted during the month of July.


The Administration of the Hollis Police Department will facilitate the process of strategic planning.Strategic planning is an important, yet underutilized organizational tool valuable for businesses and law enforcement agencies.It provides not only an accurate picture of an organization’s current status, but also provides direction and goals towards the achievement of a greater vision.

  • The Hollis Police Department will contract with Dr. Kimberly Miller of Kimberly A. Miller & Associates, LLC., in an effort to develop and implement a strategic plan.

  • This plan will serve as a mechanism to forecast emerging trends that will allow agency members to plan strategically for the future of the Hollis Police Department.

  • The process of strategic planning will include a large segment of our agency workforce, which includes both sworn and non-sworn personnel.


The Hollis Police Department will reach full staffing numbers for sworn personnel in the 2020 calendar year. 


  • Continue with open enrollment for police officer applicants.

  • Work with community-based organizations, such as religious and academic institutions, in an effort to recruit a more diverse pool of applicants.

  • Attempt to hire a certified officer before April 1, 2020, or hire a non-certified officer to attend the May 2020 police academy session.

  • Maintain a list of eligible candidates to draw from if vacancies occur.

  • Continue to offer a financial incentive of $7,500.00 for certified officers who seek opportunities at the Hollis Police Department.

  • Offer a recruitment incentive for Hollis Police Department employees who refer an applicant who is hired for a vacant Police Officer position.

  • Work to meet the goals identified in the Hollis Police Department Recruitment Plan.


Implement a wellness plan for all department employees.


  • Reduce or remove interferences to employee wellness, whether personally or professionally induced, by providing help through resources, training, and intervention. 

  • Identify and enhance existing wellness resources.

  • Develop and provide wellness education.

  • Develop partnerships with health and wellness providers.

  • Stay abreast of wellness program best-practices through research.

  • Assist employees, when appropriate, who are enduring personal or professional difficulties. 

  • Develop and implement a Wellness policy.

  • Conduct a cost analysis of updates to the Hollis Police Department Fitness Room.  If financially attainable, purchase equipment based on employee input.

  • Institute a policy of allowing employees to exercise ½ hour during their normal work day.



The Hollis Police Department will continue with its proactive efforts at initiating citizen contacts through community policing efforts and departmental sponsored programs.


  • Continue Coffee with a Cop Program in various locations throughout the Town of Hollis.

  • Sponsor and attend Blood Drives or other charity fundraising events.

  • Continue Directed Patrols into Hollis residential neighborhoods and recreational areas.

  • Continue face-to-face interactions with business owners and business employees.

  • Continue conducting school walkthroughs in order to increase presence within all SAU 41 school buildings.

  • Increase and support volunteerism with organizations like Special Olympics of New Hampshire, the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth, the Salvation Army, and other organizations that provide critical services to the residents of our community and the State of New Hampshire.


Continue to provide high levels of training for each member of the Hollis Police Department.

  • Conduct a Career Development meeting with each employee during their semi-annual evaluation rating in late January/early February.

  • Identify the top three training topic selections for each employee, while working to accommodate enrollment in at least one of the identified trainings.

  • Identify officers interested in attending training relative to Drug Recognition Expert and Accident Reconstruction. 

  • Continue in our efforts to provide no less than 40 hours of training to each employee.  This includes both in-house and outside training courses/programs.

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